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Just Above Sunset

Just Above Sunset

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This week in current events you'll find five commentaries on the week's events, but the events number far more than five, as the week started with the Attorney General testifying how some laws really cannot be followed, and it went on from there.  The odd events kept compounding, from NASA being reigned in by those who want them to be more religious, New Orleans asking for foreign aid, everyone upset about the King funeral, indicted Tom Delay getting a plum job controlling the budget of the justice department, terrorist nuns in Florida (not really), new odd news out of Guantánamo, a famous guy turned away by US customs, and generally an overload off too much "say what?" to handle.  It's all here.


On the other hand, there are always those old cars, as Our Man in Paris, Ric Erickson, visits Rétromobile there and sends cool pictures.


Bob Patterson, as that journalist, has more than a few things to say about electronic voting machines, and as the Book Wrangler, a few things to say about the rich, in quotes.  As a bonus he sends a page of photographs, Super Bowl Sunday with the local Cobra Club, not the Steelers - there are always those old cars.


As it's the middle of winter the Southern California photography this week is from the beach, Venice Beach – surfers and lovers and jugglers, surreal murals, the connection to an old Orson Wells film, and some botanicals.


Quotes?  People say the oddest things about value and truth and all that.


And there are links to two new photo albums.

As the French would no doubt say – check out Les sujets du journal (cliquez sur les titres pour y accéder directement) – and enjoy!



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Volume 4, Number 7 for the week of
Sunday, February 12, 2006

Current Events

The International Desk 

Bob Patterson

  • WLJ Weekly: from the desk of the World's Laziest Journalist - Democracy: Is it Time to call a Corpsman or the Chaplain?
  • Book Wrangler: Ennui anyway you want it …
  • Cobras: Cruising on Super Bowl Sunday

Southern California Photography

Quotes for the week of February 12, 2006 - Value and Truth and All That

Links and Recommendations: Two New Photo Albums



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From the photography pages this week, Love and Madness at Venice Beach, and a surfer -

Venice Beach, 9 February 2006
Click on image to enlarge -

Venice Beach, 9 February 2006
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