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September 4, 2005 - A Photo-Note from Our Man in Paris

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Our Man in Paris is Ric Erickson, editor of MetropoleParis. His weekly columns appear here and often in a slightly different version the next day on his site from Paris, with photographs.

From Ric Erickson –


Tuesday, August 30, 2005, Paris:

Today Paris had weather worthy of a fine summer day in July, two days after the last French holidayer was supposed to have returned and applied his or herself to the garlic grindstone. As usual the usual hordes who never appear to work were holding their positions on the sunlit terraces, the pharmacy thermometre was signaling 31 degrees (a fine score in Anglograds) and the clochards were holding up the side wall of the Monoprix. Motto: "All the Fortified Beer You Can Take Out and Drink Right Outside the Door."


At the end of last weekend's The SUV Debate - Rearranging the Deckchairs you would find this link noted: Friday, August 26, 2005 - "For those who don't have their car confused with their dick, this is the car for you."  It was a CitroŽn "Deux Chevaux."

Ric's comment:


I did look at the URL you sent for the 2CV.  I wondered, what's special about this 2CV?  Nothing I could see, but the comments of those who had never seen one were amusing.  'How fast does it go with only 2 horsepower?'  Well, we both know it does not have automatic transmission.  There is a hole in the front for a crank if you need starting help.  Nothing special about the one in the photo I'm sending - except that it's an exclusive for Just Above Sunset.

Tomorrow - another brilliant summer day here.



From Ric:

,,,a Citroën "Deux Chevaux:
Click on image to enlarge...

A cartoon of a Citroën "Deux Chevaux."

The Local Monoprix:

The Local Monoprix... Paris

Cheesy Locals:

Paris street market - cheese stalls -

The 'Hood (Montparnasse)

Paris: The 'Hood (Montparnasse)

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