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May 2, 2004- The Revenge of the French Against America

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Joel injured in third car accident in 2 years
Slightly hurt; no evidence of alcohol or drug use, police say
The Associated Press - Updated: 9:28 a.m.  ET April 26, 2004


BAYVILLE, N.Y.  - Singer Billy Joel was involved in his third car accident in two years Sunday when he slammed into a house on a wet road on Long Island.  No one was seriously injured. 

There was no evidence that alcohol or drugs were involved and Joel was not suspected of any crime, said Nassau County police Officer Joan Eames. 

Joel suffered a small cut on a finger but refused medical attention, Eames said. 

Joel was alone in the car, and no one in the house was injured, police said. 

Thomas Phillips Jr.  was on his front lawn when he heard the crash and went over to see what happened. 

Joel “seemed embarrassed that he lost control of the car,” Phillips said.  He said, ‘I can’t believe I got in another accident.’  He was just going out to get a pizza.”

A call to Joel’s publicist, Claire Mercuri, was not immediately returned. 


Well, here’s the real reason for this crash – an odd French car, actually a classic.  That appears to be a 1967 CitroŽn, of all things.


No wonder he was embarrassed....


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