Just Above Sunset
November 13, 2005 - Three from Paris

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Our Eye on Paris is Don Smith, a professional photographer who leads photo workshops in Paris and who is the editor of the weekly photo magazine Left Bank Lens.

Photos and Text Copyright © 2005 – Don Smith, All Rights Reserved

A very special cheese by the name of Ramequin...

A very special cheese by the name of Ramequin. From a little village not too far from where the chef Jacques Pepin grew up. With a strong smell (if you touch it) but a mild flavor... you just cut it up and slowly melt it with along with some flour, butter and garlic for what amounts to an amazing fondue. Ask and I'll put the entire series of photos and the recipe on Visit Paris.

For unusual views of Sacré Coeur ...

One of the most unusual views of Sacré Coeur you'll ever see because we're on top of a helicopter pad.

Montmartre Lamp, November 2005


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