Just Above Sunset
November 20, 2005 - Being Careful Out Here

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Friday, November 19, 2005 – the long trail from the Griffith Park Observatory, high over Hollywood, across the hills to the Hollywood sign, starts with this warning.

Hollywood warning sign and Hollywood Sign

The context – turn around and the observatory is there, but you cannot get in.  The restoration will take a year or two more.

Griffith Park Observatory - November 19, 2005

The context – to your right, Los Angeles in the distance –

Los Angeles vista - November 19, 2005

And another danger out here – no matter how rich you are, your limo may break down smack in the middle of the Sunset Strip, even if it is a fancy black stretch Hummer –

Dead Hummer limo on Sunset - November 19, 2005

Oh yeah, this sign, across the street from the Erotic Museum on Hollywood Boulevard, reminds you not to mess with the women of Southern California – remember Rosie the Riveter.  No wimp princesses out here –

Rosie the Riveter, Hollywood - November 19, 2005

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