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December 4, 2005 - Oh to be Rich and in Paris at Christmas

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From Our Man in Paris is Ric Erickson, editor of MetropoleParis. His weekly columns appear here and often in a slightly different version the next day on his site from Paris, with photographs. Here, a pre-Christmas tour.

PARIS, Saturday, December 3, 2005 - These photos are from pre-Christmas tour of Madeleine emporiums of wretched excess for foodies - Fauchon, Hediard, caviar place, booze shop, truffles - then in front of the church, entry to Village Royal, down Rue Royal to Saint-Honore - oh, hard-core bigmegabucks - past Maxim's and through Concorde and catch the metro up to George Cinq for the lights - thanks GE - on the Champs.  And there were huge crowds on the sidewalks, in the metro, all over, looking, buying, gawking, driving, not parking, buses double-parked, taxis, cops and more cops, and sparkling lights everywhere.  Almost makes you believe in capitalism.  In first ten days of winter cold in France eight homeless froze to death, including one worker who couldn't afford a place to live and died in his car. 'We've got your number, Cratchit!'


Um, about the stuff in the photos looks kind of like food - is probably edible, but I dunno what they are.  They just looked good, putting meaning into the term 'eye candy.'

Baccarat Bear -
Baccarat Bear


Champs Elysées
Champs Elysées, 3 December 2005, night -

Cookies, Paris, December 2005

Fauchon, Paris, December 2005

The rue du Faubourg Saint Honore
rue du Faubourg Saint Honore, 3 December 2005

Sweet Death
Sweet Death, Paris, December 2005

Village Royal
Village Royal, Paris, 3 December 2005

Paris sweets, December 2005

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