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January 22, 2006 - The Coral Tree

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Thursday, January 19, 2006, at the edge of the lagoon in Playa del Rey, a coral tree – Erythrina x sykesii – in full bloom.  These bloom from December through February, and then they leaf out.  So they're bare now, and in bloom - very odd.  They're native to Australia, so they like our months and months without rain.  When they leaf out they provide far too much shade for anything much to grow underneath, but a good place to stretch out and cool off.


Readers from elsewhere, Playa del Rey – "the beach of the king" – is the first beach north of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), between the airport and Marina del Rey, about twelve miles west of Hollywood.

Coral tree - Erythrina x sykesii - 19 January 2006

Coral tree - Erythrina x sykesii - 19 January 2006

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