Just Above Sunset
August 15, 2004 - The War of the Handbills in West Los Angeles

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Note: These are digital photographs I snapped using a Sony Mavica digital still camera (MVC-FD-88) with built-in digital zoom (telephoto).  Feel free to use them as you will.  If you use any of these photos for commercial purposes I assume you'll discuss that with me.  Note: These are actually thumbnail previews.  To see a full-size high-resolution version of a particular photograph click on the image.  You will see the full image in a separate window.


Sepulveda and Palms, Los Angeles, California - Tuesday, August 10, 2004


A wall of movie posters with political commentary added without the approval of the major studios – with detail of the center of one of the signs.

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Sepulveda and Palms, Los Angeles, California - Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Folks with another point of view have modified the wall of movie posters, with political commentary added also without the approval of the major studios.

(Photos by Bob Patterson)

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And a bonus from the same neighborhood...

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