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September 19, 2004: The Paris-Hollywood Thing

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The Paris-Hollywood Thing?


At the Hollywood Bowl

2301 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood

As the Los Angeles Times reports, conductor John Mauceri conducts the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra in a fireworks finale – and this finale celebrates "all things Parisian.  The jazzy cabaret troupe Paris Combo makes its Bowl debut along with can-can dancers from the Moulin Rouge itself."

September 19 - 7:30 in the evening… just over the hill from the Just Above Sunset world headquarters.  The distant thud of the end-of-season fireworks always makes Harriet-the-Cat look worried.


And the Moulin Rouge itself?  I once rented an apartment around the corner from the Moulin Rouge, on avenue Rachel, a few steps from the lower entrance to the Montmartre cemetery, where the film director, or auteur as they say, François Truffaut now lies at rest.  That area - the Clichy-Pigalle mess – is much like the seedy parts of Hollywood.  They have their Erotic Museum, and we have ours.  These can-can dancers will feel right at home.
The local Hollywood Erotic Museum was covered here - July 11, 2004 - Götterdämmerung, Hollywood Style.
Oh yeah, Gene Kelly ended up dancing with Leslie Caron in "An American in Paris" - filmed almost entirely down the hill at the MGM sound stages in Culver City.  MGM recreated a faux Paris a few miles from here in the early fifties, then disassembled it.  Paris – Hollywood.


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