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December 5, 2004 - Football or Checkers

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The Just Above Sunset staff is not comprised of football fans, but today the number one team in the country, the University of Southern California, beat their arch-rival, UCLA, at the Rose Bowl.  About ninety thousand people hauled themselves out to Pasadena for that.  We stayed home.  Yes, it was the final game of the season, and the weather was fine, but….


The outcome?


Trojans, welcome to Miami

No. 1 USC locks up Orange Bowl trip with 29-24 win over rival UCLA


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Southern California might as well book a flight to Miami.


UCLA held Heisman Trophy contender Matt Leinart in check, but Reggie Bush had two long touchdown runs, Ryan Killeen kicked five field goals and No. 1 USC held off the Bruins 29-24 Saturday to virtually lock up a trip to the Orange Bowl for the Bowl Championship Series title game.


Moments after the game ended, USC fans in both end zones threw oranges on the field and many players stayed on the field to celebrate. …


Whatever.  There is gloom in Westwood tonight, a few miles from here where UCLA has its campus.  Just south of the city and west of Watts, where USC has its campus, there will be parties – and maybe more.  We’ll stay home.


This is a big deal in Los Angeles – the local rivalry.  One even sees things like this in gift shops - just so you know. 

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And also just so you know - Reggie Bush, the brilliant and blazingly fast USC running back, is a pleasant young black man – and obviously not related to the president.


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