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January 2, 2005 - The Next Election and the Oncoming Train

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Bob Patterson has some thoughts -


Recently, Just Above Sunset has considered the subject of what went wrong in November.  [Editor’s Note: See articles in the Archives above for Volume 2, Number 44, Sunday, November 7, 2004, The Election Issue and Volume 2, Number 45, Sunday, November 14, 2004, Current Events]


How could America believe what Bush was saying?


While the earnest Democrats are studying that question and pondering a precise and accurate reply... things are happening.


George W. Bush is sending Colin Powell and a delegation to Asia to drop off some relief aid.  Oh, yeah, the Florida Governor is an expert on relief efforts so he is going along too.


While the folks ponder the past, Prince Jeb is being sent on his first mission to build his "statesman" image for 2008, but the Democrats are so busy trying to figure out just how the playground rules of name calling work.  George W. said Kerry was a flip-flopper first.  "I said it first!"  Hence, to say Bush flip-flops too violates the rule, but the Democrats would like to continue trying to break down a brick wall using their heads as battering rams.


Meanwhile, Prince Jeb will be described as "looking presidential" by the spin lackeys in the press and Jeb will have begun the journey of a thousand miles with a big newsworthy first step.


The Democrats will be too busy discussing how the voters could have possibly elected the less skillful debater in November of 2004.  Didn't Kerry have the better military record?


Is Jeb's campaign trip (to Asia with Colin) being paid for by the taxpayers?  Wow!  Too bad Hillary wasn't invited along in a show of bipartisan cooperation.


Ask a magician about the concept of "misdirected attention" and how it usually plays a role in many magic tricks.  Then in 2009 when Jeb is being sworn in folks won't have to ask  "Did anyone notice just how Carl Rove was able to build Jeb's image as a 'statesman' even though he is just a Governor with less overseas standing that California's 'Governator.'"


Someone is yelling "Oncoming train!" and the folks who are trying to figure out just how Kerry dropped the ball, will reply "Yes, yes, it does look like rain."


Now, about the subject of just how George W. got folks to "buy it" with his Ali-shuffle with words and promises, I'll be back later with 5,000 words about the possible existential overtone to the Swift Boat Vets for Truth and the most likely way a pragmatist would ask the question.


To be continued….


- Bob "Keep Your Eye on the Ball" P in crisp cool air of Southern California.



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