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March 6, 2005 - The REAL story

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Last week Just Above Sunset offered readers commentary on Bush’s recent European trip.  Since last April 12 the tracking software shows 653 unique logons to this site from France, and I have a core of regular readers there I know well, from a chef at the famous Crillon with its Michelin stars to the editor of MetropoleParis I guess they missed this from Andy Borowitz on February 28, 2005 – so why didn’t they comment?  They live over there?



Cries of ‘Vive Bush!’ Heard Throughout Paris


After President George W. Bush signaled an end to calling French fries “Freedom Fries” at a dinner with French president Jacques Chirac this week, millions of jubilant Frenchmen poured into the streets in demonstrations of euphoria reminiscent of the end of World War II.

Cries of “Vive Bush!” could be heard from the rooftops of Paris as French citizens celebrated the end to two years of living under the cruel yoke of “Freedom Fries” derision.

“I was angry at President Bush for invading Iraq,” said accordion player Fernand Daubigny, 37. “But this more than makes up for it.”

A new survey released today reflected the grateful mood of the French, as President Bush topped the poll as the most popular figure in modern France.

According to the survey, Mr. Bush garnered a whopping 92% approval rating, compared to 89% for singer Edith Piaf and 84% for actor Jerry Lewis.

But even as the mass celebrations kicked into high gear, critics of Mr. Chirac said that the French president had given up too much in order to secure Mr. Bush’s promise to stop calling French fries by the derogatory name.

Specifically, the newspaper Le Monde accused Mr. Chirac of agreeing to train Iraqi troops and grant billions of dollars in debt relief in exchange for the lifting of the “Freedom Fries” tag.

For his part, Mr. Chirac today defended his decision: “French fries are an important source of French national pride, even though they actually came from Belgium.”

Elsewhere, days after her cell phone was hacked, authorities said they were baffled as to why anyone would want to know more about Paris Hilton.


True?  Ric of MetropoleParis in Paris, and columnist for Just Above Sunset says this –


28.02 - Rank Disinformation


Why any of us mention this?  Why didn’t I mention this?  Like all editors, you harassing the troops in the trenches!


According to the survey, Mr. Bush garnered a whopping 92% approval rating, compared to 89% for singer Edith Piaf and 84% for actor Jerry Lewis?


You should know that 92% of the French NEVER agreed about anything, not even the words to the Marseillaise.  Edith was popular, but she wouldn't accept 89%.  She thought 100% was right.  Who is Jerry Lewis?   Wasn't he mixed up with Johnny Hallyday?


And besides, they are called 'frites.'  All other names are fake.


Why anyone would want to know more about Paris Hilton?


It is not true that anyone stays in or around the Paris Hilton.


There's a virus in your information.


Ah.  No, it’s just satire.  Now that Dave Barry has retired do go read Andy Borowitz.



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