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March 20, 2005 - What's that Smell?

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MARSEILLE: While Americans continue to enjoy their 'Freedom Fries' and express general support for securing oil imports from 'willing' Middle East countries, Christophe Oudelin scouts fast-food outlets and offers to take their used deep-fry oil off their hands, which he re-refines for use as car gas.


After years of experimentation and the skillful modification of his Peugeot 405 diesel, it now runs pretty good on fill-ups of recycled sunflower seed oil. He explained to APF that he filters it twice to get rid of fish bones, grease and wax.


The only problem is that the oil must be pre-heated in winter, and the special setup requires another fuel pump. He said that mileage is good and the resulting power is better than with diesel. The slight odor of frites 'is not disagreeable,' he maintained.


He told the newspaper La Provence about his new fuel. With some friends he formed a group called 'Roule Ma Frite' to promote the new gas, which pollutes less than unleaded super or diesel. The group travels around to local fairs and salons for 'eco-energy' - partly to pick up more used cooking oil. Monsieur Oudelin hopes that the buses in Marseille will begin using his fuel.




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