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April 3, 2005 - Gers is not Paris

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I do recommend you visit the weekly photo magazine Left Bank Lens from Paris.  The photographer, Don Smith, has been trading email with once more, and we’ve been chatting about Gers.


Gers?  See this -


Lying in the heart of Gascony, Gers is attractive rather than spectacular, with agriculturally crimped rolling hills and landscapes dotted by honey-stoned farms which look like large slumbering bees.


Gers is the land of Armagnac centered on the market town of Condom which raises a wry smile among British visitors.


Yeah, yeah.  But any place famous for its Armagnac and foie gras is fine by me.


Now THIS is what France looks like!

Actual size...

Actual size...

Actual size...

Actual size...

Actual size...

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