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June 5, 2005 - Kisses from Hershey

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As mentioned in this week’s World's Laziest Journalist Column: The Antique Automobile Club of America Museum 161 Museum Drive, Hershey Pa 17033 -


A sampler…


An Austin Bantam -

Austin Bantam

C-6 Corvette foreground - C1 Corvette background -

C-6 Corvette foreground - C1 Corvette background -

The 54 Corvette (with 74 actual miles on the odometer)  - compare to the white 54 Corvette on the street in Manhattan Beach, California on May 8 (with many more miles on it) -

Black 1954 Corvette (like new!)

A favorite from the fifties – a Studebaker Coupe from around 1953 – and Raymond Lowy really knew what he was doing – and the owners loved them -

Studebaker Coupe

Ah!  A fuzzy Brush!


Everyone needs a white Knight – or once needed one –

White Knight

White Knight

Not exactly in the museum, but the in the area of the museum...
So you wonder what you can do with a 1929 Packard? 

1929 Packard

1929 Packard

Edelbrock – first at Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills (1933) them the next year at Venice and Hoover – and after World War II a machine shop and auto repair place at 1200 North Highland here in Hollywood.  Then the first purpose-built shop on Jefferson Boulevard down the hill in Culver City – still there, now empty, and the sign is fading.  Now they have four shops in Torrance, and foundry in San Jacinto.  It’s a California hot rod thing – gotta have Edelbrock headers.  Used to know a model who posed for their girlie calendars – said she felt odd standing there in very high heels and a very tiny bikini holding an intake manifold in her left hand -

1928 Packard

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