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June 12, 2005 - Freedom of speech is so American!

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Freedom of speech is so American!

By Bob Patterson

Saturday, June 11, 2005


(Caution this story contains some links that lead to adults only sites.  Please surf the net responsibly.)


Erotica LA was held on the weekend of June 10 to 12, 2005 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and those who could not attend missed a patriotic display that made our hearts swell (to enormous proportions) with civic pride. 


Americans of all kind joined together to celebrate American values and will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Free Speech Legal Defense Fund.


The American ideal of the individual striving for success was rampant and perfectly exemplified by Shiri Zinn's designer dildos which come in luxury cases and cost $99.


Many examples of the Americans hunger for financial success was evident by the array of exhibitors offering clothing that ranged from humorous T-shirts to expensive leather gear. 


One entrepreneur, obviously aware of the dangers of divulging credit card information needlessly, was offering prepaid phone-sex cards for the security minded.


American innovation was a key theme with the adults only trading cards vying with the old baseball cards to become treasured possessions to be acquired and traded.


Americans are known for their generosity and so it was not surprising to find that one non-profit organization is working to end breast cancer and is raising funds by publishing a book that features dual portraits of thirty porn stars.  In one the subject is in street clothes and in the other they appear with the same amount of clothes they had on when they were born.


The folks participating as exhibitors ran the spectrum from Robert McGinley, PhD (one of the leading experts on the swinging lifestyle) to Wally, who was advocating abstinence and asking the fans go seven days without resorting to porn.  Wally is currently promoting Porn Sunday and offers "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" T-shirts for sale.  Is Wally serious or is a spoof?  That's a tough question and the JAS audience will be invited to view his sites (here and here) and judge for themselves


Porn companies exemplify the American philosophy of equal opportunity by presenting a wide variety of actors and actresses from different races and countries. 


Wally was offering the Christian point of view, but it must be noted that not one person in the building was seen wearing a burka.  A patriotic American attending this marvelous example of freedom of speech would be quick to note that any such endeavor would not be possible in the undemocratic countries that embrace the terrorists and their philosophy.


The terrorists philosophy denies women's rights and they, no doubt, would frown on the many examples of women's equality that was integral to many of the displays.  Americans, of course, are proud of the fact that women in the US are not required to dress like their clothes are designed by the same guy who makes Casper the Ghost's ensembles in black. 


One company exalts freedom for women and offers exotic shows for women and calendars featuring the performers.


One Los Angeles civic organization, The Erotic Museum, in Hollywood, hosted a large art exhibit at the Convention Center event.


Folk attending the event took time to devote some attention to American politics and were offered the chance to send e-mails urging members of congress to stay the course and not disassemble Americas freedoms.   They didn't elaborate on why they thought that, during these dark days when America's armed forces are fighting for our rights, congress might reduce the level of Americans freedoms.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  The thought that the busy folks attending Erocita LA would take the time to urge the various congressmen and senators to stay the course and not suddenly do something brash and irresponsible, such as limiting the much vaunted freedom of speech, fit with the events patriotic theme that was evident throughout the exhibition hall.


As long as Americans exorcise their freedom of speech, with events such as Exotica LA, American values will prevail.  Thankfully the excessive atmosphere, such as the Taliban's heavy handed mandated state religion before the Americans arrived in Afghanistan, are not a factor here in the United States and things will stay that way for many years to come. 




Copyright 2005 – Robert Patterson

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