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July 17, 2005 - Quelles choses secrètes on apprendrait-il si on devaient ouvrir ces portes à Paris ?

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Don Smith, a professional photographer in Paris who runs workshops there and produces weekly photo magazine Left Bank Lens, offers us an array of photographs again.  Perhaps this week's theme is doorways.


Photos and text, Copyright © 2005 – Don Smith, All Rights Reserved



Paris - hammer and sickle ...
A very interesting building entrance, notice the hammer and sickle - and this might be one of the few buildings in Paris with numbers on it where the 7 has a straight line through it.

Paris doorways -

Paris doorways -

Paris doorways -

Paris doorways -

Hummer on the streets of Paris...
Small streets and gas that's around $4-5 a gallon.  Dredge up your best jokes about the shortcomings of certain male body parts in ratio to large gas guzzling cars and take your best guess.  In fact there's an effort underfoot to limit the number of SUV's in urban areas in France.

A Paris mural with vanishing perspective -

Just a normal street scene, unless you enjoy entertaining things…


This is really a wonderful mural with vanishing perspective, although the man on the ladder and the skyline kind of gives it away. But overall, it's a great illusion just waiting to be enjoyed.


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