Just Above Sunset
July 24, 2005 - Unexpected Paris

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Don Smith, a professional photographer in Paris who runs workshops there and produces weekly photo magazine Left Bank Lens, offers us an array of photographs that cover the seldom noticed details of Paris.


Photos and text, Copyright 2005 – Don Smith, All Rights Reserved



Paris, small Seine boat...

Some people float down the Seine in huge tourist boats while others motor around in something slightly more intimate.

Old Paris bathhouse ...

An old bathhouse.  What might look like light spots in the name are actually tiny cherubs prancing around.

Ripped Paris posters ...

I loved these ripped posters which I thought looked almost like a painting.  Tell me what you think.

Paris rail line with graffiti  ...

That beautiful building with amazing mosaic work seen in June 12, 2005 - Unusual shots from Left Bank Lens is overlooking this old rail line.  No one shows you stuff like this but at the end of the image is an old station where homeless people live underneath on the unused tracks.  I didn't see anybody who lived there that I could talk to but I saw some mattresses and clothes hanging out to dry, so of course I didn't photograph their home, out of respect for their privacy.



Don didn't send a caption for this shot, but it's a beauty –

Paris tile sign with swans ...


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