Just Above Sunset
August 1, 2004 - The faux White Castle on Sunset, three blocks from home...

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Last week’s photographs in July 25, 2004 - Architecture of Note presented, at the intersection of Inglewood and Washington, a bit inland from Venice Beach, a White Castle that went south, so to speak.  The franchise here failed and this one turned more local.  It became the little castle - El Castillo – and adds an overlay of Tijuana seedy charm to the American tradition.  Things change sometimes when they reach the far edge of America.


Los Angeles has no White Castle franchises or company stores  – as In and Out Burger has captured the market.  But New Line Cinema released the new Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle teenage gross-out movie on Friday, July 30, 2004 – so we got promotions.  We got a temporary White Castle on Sunset Boulevard, provided by the folks at New Line Cinema and the fast food chain.


Since this is Hollywood, this White Castle is a façade in a vacant lot across the street from The Standard, a fifties retro hotel (lots of shag carpeting and bean-bag chairs) owned by Leonardo DiCaprio and the Smashing Pumpkins.  The faux White Castle façade across the street?  Behind it you will find two catering trucks and a few trailers.  They were giving out those free miniature White Castle hamburgers, called “sliders,” all week.  As you see, by Sunday morning they were closed.  And the whole business should be gone in a day or two.


The lot will again be used for parking.  And it’s off to El Castillo in Venice for menudo.  Back to normal….

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